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Mindful Movement Viniyoga

Weekly Class, Thursdays at 9:30-10:45am at Cedar Sanctuary
With Sonia Weirich of One To One Yoga
Investment $25 (First class free & 5-class pass at $100. Limited to 8 participants and advance registration suggested.)
Save-your-spot: Email Sonia at or call/text 206-422-1317

Explore Meditation

First-Thursdays, 8:15am-9:15am at Cedar Sanctuary 
(3rd Saturdays 9:30-10:30am beginning January 2020)
Sonia Weirich of One to One Yoga
Investment $25 (limited to 12 participants)
Save-your-spot here or email Sonia at

Whether you would like to start a meditation practice or would like to deepen a current meditation practice, this monthly class will give you the opportunity to explore meditation in a supportive and nurturing setting. Gentle instruction will be given to guide you into a state of relaxation, cues given to keep you engaged in and deepen the meditation process, and guidance given to maintain your meditative state as you continue on with your day. Meditation cushions and chairs will be provided.


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Move Your Body. Dance Your Dance.
3rd-Thursdays 7-8:30pm at Cedar Sanctuary (No program December 19)
Investment: $20 (limited to 10 participants and pre-registration required)
Contact Brenda Loukes to save-your-spot: or 425. 435.9498
(Co-ed. No fitness or dance experience is necessary. Dance barefoot or wearing socks.)

We were born to move, and SoulDance is a safe and creative space to dance your dance ‘like nobody’s watching”. Dancing with no judgment of ‘right’ ways to move, this is a place for you to be you. To dance your soul with a freestyle movement experience that will light up your body, your smile, and your life. Come as you are.

“In a society that worships love, freedom, and beauty, dance is sacred. It is a prayer for the future, a remembrance of the past and a joyful exclamation of thanks for the present.”
-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


Brenda Loukes-Johnson creates a juicy free-flowing journey for each SoulDance session using voice and soul-stirring music, while drawing on her experiences as a dance instructor, Kahuna transformational bodyworker, and holding space for creative Soulpainting programs.

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Yoga Nidra, a Guided Meditation

Last Fridays Monthly, 6:30pm-8:00pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Sonia Weirich of One To One Yoga
Investment $25. Space is limited and reservations required.
Email Sonia at
or reserve your spot here:
November 29
December (skipping this month!)
January 31

Constant mind chatter keeping you awake is no match for the healing experience of Yoga Nidra. An ancient practice, Yoga Nidra, is a guided meditative inquiry into the states of being, and what is beyond these states.

In an hour and a half group session, nothing is expected of you, no need to be a meditator, bendy, or even fit. You’ll be guided into a resting position while suggestions and prompts guide your mind into relaxation.

What to bring: Please dress comfortably and bring a pillow for your head while lying in Savasana.

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Yogaspirit Teacher Training

Free Information Sessions at Cedar Sanctuary
With Suzanne Silvermoon of Indigo Lotus Yoga

Sunday Dec 8, 9:30-11am
Wednesday Dec 11, 7-8:30pm
Saturday Dec 14, 9:30-11am
Wednesday Jan 8, 7-8:30pm
Sunday Jan 12, 4-5:30pm
Wednesday Jan 22, 7-8:30pm
Saturday Jan 25, 9:30-11am
Saturday Feb 1, 9:30-11am
Wednesday Feb 5, 7-8:30pm
Saturday Feb. 15, 11- 2:30pm


Free Information Session for the 2020 yogaspirit® 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. For nearly 20 years, yogaspirit® has been providing a comprehensive yoga immersion that leads to professional and personal development as a yoga teacher and student. We provide a learning environment with an atmosphere of safety and compassion. A sacred space is cultivated as student teachers dig deep into themselves and intertwine their study of yogic philosophy and spiritual principles creating a foundation for student teachers to gain the self awareness and actualization to teach this art to others.


Experience a short yogaspirit® style yoga practice, learn details of the training, get answers to questions, and meet your instructor Suzanne Silvermoon. Check out Yogaspirit Teacher Training details here or contact Suzanne at / (207) 831-0868.


Moving Through Grief with Grace

Friday, December 13, 7-8:30pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Jennifer Soames of Santosha Bodywork
Investment $30 (limited to 10 participants). Reserve you spot here (scroll all the way to bottom of listings)
*Class size is limited to 10 students. A minimum of 6 students must register in order for the class to proceed.
*Pre-requisite: ability to get down to and up from the floor.


The Holiday Season is not “the most wonderful time of the year” for everyone. When we are missing a loved one who is far away or no longer with us, grieving the loss of a relationship, job, pet, or anything else, processing the grief and knowing we’re not alone are essential to healing and moving forward.

Moving through Grief with Grace is a special yoga class created to allow you to connect with your body and feelings in a safe space, release tension and stress in your body, and be supported by others who understand.

The class includes guided meditation, Yoga Nidra (guided awareness practice), and slow, gentle (Yin) yoga suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Beginners are welcome.*


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Winter Solstice Ocean of AUM

With Suzanne Silvermoon of Indigo Lotus Yoga
Saturday, December 21, 7-9pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Investment: Donations warmly welcomed at event (cash/check, please). Limited seating- save your spot now via complimentary online registration here or email Susan Creighton at

On the longest night we gather in community to sit with the darkness and sow seeds of intention through the collective vibration of Chanting AUM.  Winter Solstice inspires our hearts as we align with its precipice moment of quivering potential. The potency of our individual dreams and intentions are amplified by our collective energy, love and creative force as we speak our vision into the swirling night.  Join us in ceremony as we envision our futures filled with spiritual awakening, peace and light.  


Please bring:
A sacred object that represents something you wish to nurture during the coming year to place on our altar for the evening.
A candle in a safe container.


What to expect:
7:00 pm Casual social time over tea and light refreshments
7:30 pm Gather around the altar to begin our ceremony; place items on the altar and share our intentions (either verbally, written or both)
8:00 pm Begin an hour long chanting of AUM accompanied by live music

Cacao Ceremony, New Year Intentions (Sankalpa) and Sound Bath

With Dawn Little Torres of Dakini Healing
Saturday, January 11 (1/11), 5:00pm – 7:00pm at Cedar Sanctuary (21407 NE 6th Place, Sammamish, WA)
Investment: $50 in-advance / $55 day-of
THIS PROGRAM IS FULL. Contact Susan Creighton at to join the waitlist.
Join mailing list for future program updates here:


We begin the year with a powerful ceremony that incorporates the yogic practice of Sankalpa, a vow and commitment we make to support our highest truth.  Sankalpa differs from a goal in that it should honor the deeper meaning of our life.  We amplify our intentions with a sacred Cacao Ceremony, to invite us deeper into the energy of the heart, supported by a little heart expanding movement and finally, come into a comfortable Savasana position to receive the healing vibrations and sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, giant gong and various healing sound tools to open us up completely to allow our sankalpa to penetrate our being at the deepest level.

Everything is Energy in motion…even those things that appear to be still. There is a vibration that permeates all things in nature, including the thoughts, feelings and emotions that course through us. When these streams of energy flowing through us are in harmony with nature, it is energy flowing at a high and beautiful frequency. But when those thoughts and emotions are not in sync with nature’s balanced rhythms, we find ourselves Feeling out of sync. The stresses and fast pace of life can create anxiousness, fear, depression, fatigue and even physical illness. These are feelings NOT in harmony with nature, and the body suffers when exposed to them long term.  

Please bring anything that will make your experience more enjoyable, such as blanket, pillow, eye pillow, etc.  Dress in cozy layers. (Not necessary to print eventbrite ticket, but please arrive early to get set up.)

About Dawn: As a yoga and meditation teacher, energy and sound healer, Dawn blends her love of teaching yoga with many years of studying alternative healing modalities. She guides clients and students to wake up their deeply rooted inner guidance system through Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing. She has come to know that the body’s natural inclination is towards wellness, it is her passion to assist others in becoming aware of and removing the obstacles in the way of that movement.

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Release. Restore. Renew.

Saturday, February 8, 9am-5pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Investment: $497 if registered by Jan 18 (use code RRR) / $547 after Jan 18
Reserve your spot here (max 10 participants)

Step into sanctuary, where you will be nourished in love, moved with joy, and surrounded by beauty, as you release tensions, restore wonder, and renew your spirit. 

You will be held in the arms of the magnificent trees of Cedar Sanctuary and supported by three wise women with a lot of heart who weave a patchwork of experiences, including movement medicine (yoga, easy guided dance, MELT Restorative Rolling), breath work, meditation, reflective ritual, solo time, heartfelt journaling, and fun! We invite you to remain present within yourself while connecting to others in ways that will enliven your senses and soften your heart. Come.  Let your whole self be touched by this rich and restorative day of necessary indulgences..

Bring: Your beautiful self. Dress in comfortable layers for movement.
Included: Vegetarian lunch, snacks, beverages, and materials for the program.

Testimonial: “There are moments in your life when you find yourself faced with the unexpected. Whether it be a positive or negative experience. I was processing a negative experience when I walked into yoga on Thursday morning. The energy in the room was welcoming. Rather than doing the planned yoga class, the group turned on music and moved our bodies with our emotions. It naturally transitioned into a nia experience, followed by breathing and meditation. The energy in the room was so different at the end, with the movement beginning the healing process for me. It never ceases to amaze me how focusing on movement and breathing and listening to your body’s needs changes your outlook on the universe and your surroundings.” -KT

Susan Creighton, Brenda Loukes-Johnson, and Sonia Weirich combine their skills and years of experience in holistic mind-body practices, somatic awareness, creative ritual, and intuitive processes to bring you this gift of nourishment.  We promise you a day of deep release and gentle restoration. You will leave feeling completely renewed from the inside, out.

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Embody Music House Concert with James Howard

Saturday, February 29, 7:15-9pm (doors open at 7pm) at Cedar Sanctuary
Investment: $35. Reserve your spot online here.
(Earlybird ticketing $10 discount if reserved by February 14 using code EARLYBIRD. We wish to make this program available to all and limited discounted scholarships are also available. Please contact Susan Creighton at with your request.)

Award winning guitarist and singer/songwriter James Howard returns with his acoustic guitar-voice solo concert at Cedar Sanctuary.

James inspires his audience with his emotive charismatic style, shape shifting his singing voice from sexy crooner, to blues shouter, to indigenous wailer. Whether he’s singing a cover or jamming on an original tune, it is his unique style of delivery that captures the ear and eye, transcending the song itself. This interactive experience with James, the music, your inner rhythms, Cedar Sanctuary, and each other, is truly not to be missed.

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Kahuna Bodywork Training

With Brenda Loukes Johnson LMP of AlohaFLOW at Cedar Sanctuary
Wednesday 12 March 1pm – Sunday 15 March 4pm
Investment details coming soon. Contact Brenda with questions: or 425.435.9498


Kahuna bodywork is often called the “dance of breath and life from the heart”. This heart-centered form of massage uses loving touch, dynamic music, movement and breath to unblock stuck energy in the body, to create more flow in your body and your life. It will take you on a journey and can facilitate real and lasting change on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

Also called ‘Temple Style Lomi’, Kahuna is always practiced in the spirit of aloha, with deep respect for both giver and receiver.

Learning Kahuna bodywork is an ongoing journey and an art that is mastered over time. A Kahuna Bodywork Level 1 Training Retreat is a gentle beginning, a first step towards greater connection, joy, balance, openness, love, wellbeing and authentically living a life with more aloha. The work is taught in a relaxed, supportive style and infused with joy and play.

On Level 1 we will:

  • Do gentle and healing stretching each morning
  • Dave delicious shared meals to satisfy body and soul
  • Get connection to nature, silent walks in the woods
  • Have fun and laughter
  • Listen to beautiful music
  • Connect new people, forge new friendships
  • Give and receive massage
  • Do meditations for balance and peace of mind
  • Recharge your battery and reignite your passion and enthusiasm for your life

You will learn:

  • How to give a Kahuna massage on the back of the body focusing on the back, shoulders, head, neck and feet
  • Joint rotations for health and wellbeing
  • Correct use of energy and posture during a massage session to stay vibrant and healthy as a therapist
  • Breathwork to release stuck energy in yourself and your clients
  • Tools to access your real power and potential
  • Powerful techniques to break unhealthy habits and create new habits
  • About yourself, your belief systems, habitual patterns and how they affect your life
  • Special movement forms to balance and align body, mind and soul
  • How to build and maintain abundant vital energy (mana)
  • How to bring simple meditative movement and flow back into your daily life

    About Brenda: I believe that only when we come home to being in our bodies, and connect to the whisperings of our souls, can we live truly creative, authentic and wholehearted, heart-centered lives. My journey with Kahuna has softened my hard edges, and helped me to live with more ease, creativity, joy and gentleness, so that I can be a better functioning human being, contributing to the greater good.

    I teach Kahuna Bodywork as it was taught to me by Anthea Hardwick of the Aloha Life Centre, in South Africa. She teaches the style of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi that was introduced to the global mainstream by Hawaiian Kahuna, Abraham Kawai’i.

    Among many other roles in my life, I have been a Kahuna practitioner for nine years in my homeland, South Africa, and was initiated into teaching this work in 2013. I love sharing this sacred, beautiful heart-centered form of bodywork, as a way to heal myself, and to spread more love, aloha and healing in the world. I love that it is possible to heal with less words, through loving touch.

    After living in Johannesburg for 50 years of my life, I am now lucky enough to be living in the Seattle area, surrounded by all this incredible beauty and abundant nature, so close to Hawaii. I look forward to journeying with you. The Kahuna journey is an extraordinary and exquisite, life-enhancing experience.

Contact Brenda for more info, or to reserve your spot:


Stay-tuned for next date at Cedar Sanctuary
Potluck (Store-bought is aok!)

Amigas is a multicultural community of women who know that there is more that connects us than divides us. We connect to grow meaningful and enriching relationships, create a sense of belonging for everyone, and have fun together.

As we remember our strengths and reconnect with our vibrant selves and each other, we benefit both as individuals and the evolution of our planet as a whole. To quote female role model Mamma Gena, “The joy of life is not simply in serving oneself. The true joy of life is in being able to be a part of a larger community of service, taking one another higher.”

Amigas meets regularly at Cedar Sanctuary to surround each other with the support of sisterhood, community, connection, and inspiration. For more information contact Susan Creighton: / 425.298.6428

Relax & Renew

A mixed-modalities afternoon of necessary indulgences and modalities. Our most recent program included Aromatherapy, MELT Method, Gyrotonic, and a Gong Sound Bath. Heavenly! Schedule your own Relax & Renew Program.

Join our mailing list for updates or contact Susan Creighton to schedule your own event.